Eastern Conference Finals Game 7: An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object.

We’ve seen this many times before. Lebron James vs. the Boston Celtics. From his first stint in Cleveland, to his time in Miami, and now today, the Boston Celtics have been a consistent obstacle for Lebron to hurdle. And here we are again. Mere hours away from another defining game in the Eastern Conference Finals between Lebron James and the Boston Celtics.  The stage is set, the lines are drawn, and soon we will see an all out battle take place between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

The Unstoppable Force

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Ever since he stepped onto the court for his first NBA game, Lebron has been special.  But no one could have predicted the legacy and the greatness that Lebron would build. Rookie of the year, 14 time All-Star, 12 time first team All-NBA, 4 time MVP, 3 time NBA champion, and 3 time Finals MVP are just some of the incredible accolades Lebron has won over his illustrious career. Not to mention that he is looking to advance to his eighth strait Finals appearance. Simply put, it’s Lebrons’ league and everybody else just plays in it. Lebron is the unquestioned unstoppable force of the league, but let’s take a look at why he’s so much more dangerous tonight in Game 7.

Lebron is 5-2 all time in game 7’s and hasn’t lost a game 7 since 2008. He averages 35 points a game, 8 rebounds, and 4.5 assist while shooting 48% from the floor in game 7’s throughout his career. He also scored 45 points to go along with 8 assist and 7 rebounds in a game 7 against the Indiana Pacers earlier in this years playoffs. Lebron becomes increasingly more aggressive in game 7’s. taking on even more of the load than he already does. And that is exactly what Lebron will have to do tonight if the Cavs are to win this game. With Kevin Love out tonight, and the rest of the Cavs supporting cast playing woefully on the road this series, means all of the load is going to be on Lebron.

The Immovable Object

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Going into this years playoffs the Boston Celtics were largely predicted to lose in the first round to the Milwaukee Bucks. Then they were heavy underdogs against the Philadelphia 76ers. And now the Celtics are one win away from their first NBA Finals appearance since 2010. This Celtics team has shocked people all season long. They’re a very young team, with a very young coach, with season ending injuries to their two superstar players, yet they continue to find a way to win. They’re the little Celtics team that could. But how has this inexperienced Celtics team made it this far?

As you would expect from a young, inexperienced team, the Celtics have played poorly on the road during these playoffs, boasting a 1-7 record in road games. But where this team really stands out is their play at home. As cliche as it is, this Celtics team is a much different team when the play at home. Boasting a perfect 10-0 record in home games this year, the Celtics offensive and defensive play becomes markedly better at home. Lebron may be the king of game 7’s, but the Celtics are king on their home court. Another stat to think about, in the last 10 seasons only two players are undefeated in game 7’s Lebron James (5-0) and Al Horford (4-0).

So there you have it, the tale of the tape. Two juggernauts ready to do battle. Will Lebron James continue his dominance over the Eastern Conference, or will the little Celtics team that could keep their historic home streak alive. The unstoppable force will meet the immovable object tonight, and something will have to give.

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